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Why ‘Dark AI’ is a Top Cybersecurity Concern for 2024

CrowdStrike is flagging the nefarious use of AI as one of its biggest cybersecurity concerns of 2024.

Without question, the hype around artificial intelligence is one of the biggest stories of 2023.

But with the good, can come the bad. That’s why CrowdStrike is flagging the nefarious use of AI as one of its biggest cybersecurity concerns of 2024.

Crowdstrike President Michael Sentonas tells Yahoo Finance Live that “there’s so much benefit to AI,” but bad actors can take advantage of those benefits too. For example, Sentonas says,

“We’re seeing the rise in things like dark AI. So we use things like ChatGPT for good. There’s equivalents for bad.”

What is Dark AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries, but with its benefits come potential risks. One such risk is the emergence of ‘dark AI,’ a term used to describe AI technologies that are used for malicious purposes.

Dark AI refers to artificial intelligence systems that are utilized by cybercriminals to carry out malicious activities. These AI-powered tools can automate and enhance various cyber threats, making them more sophisticated and difficult to detect. Dark AI can be used for a wide range of malicious activities, including:

  • Phishing attacks.
  • Ransomware deployment.
  • Social engineering.
  • Data breaches.
  • Malware development.

Implications of Dark AI

The use of dark AI poses significant threats to cybersecurity for several reasons:

  • Automation: Dark AI can automate the execution of cyber attacks, enabling threat actors to launch attacks at scale and with speed.
  • Sophistication: AI algorithms can adapt and learn from their environment, making them more sophisticated in evading traditional security measures.
  • Targeted Attacks: Dark AI can analyze vast amounts of data to launch highly targeted attacks on individuals, organizations, or systems.
  • Stealth: AI-powered attacks can operate stealthily, remaining undetected for extended periods, increasing the damage they can cause.

Why Dark AI is a Top Cybersecurity Concern

Dark AI is a top cybersecurity concern due to its ability to outsmart conventional security defenses and cause significant damage. Some key reasons why dark AI is a pressing issue in the cybersecurity landscape include:

  • Scale of Attacks: Dark AI enables cybercriminals to launch large-scale attacks simultaneously, targeting multiple entities.
  • Complexity: The complexity of AI algorithms makes it challenging for security professionals to detect and mitigate AI-powered threats effectively.
  • Data Manipulation: Dark AI can manipulate data to create false narratives or deepfake content, leading to misinformation and reputational damage.
  • Evolving Threat Landscape: As AI technologies advance, so do the capabilities of dark AI, posing an ever-evolving threat to cybersecurity.

In conclusion, dark AI represents a formidable challenge for cybersecurity professionals, requiring innovative approaches and advanced technologies to combat its threats effectively. Understanding the nature of dark AI and its implications is crucial in safeguarding against the evolving cyber threat landscape.

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